Treat, Love, Colour

Hi Loves

I am so excited to talk about my current favourite nail polish that not only strengthen my nails but also comes in beautiful shades too.


I have always had extension (gel/acrylics) on my nails, they always looked super pretty but last year when i decided to take them off to give my nails a break ( after 3 years), I could not believe how weak my nails were. they kept on peeling and chipping. I tried every nail strength polish that I could find but my nails kept on peeling.

I came across Love, treat, colour by Essie once I was shopping and thought to give it a try. Not only my nails got better but everyone complimented my nails on the beautiful colours they come in with.

Tonal Taup

After 2 weeks of using this.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 20.34.18

Sheers to you

After 1 month of using

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 20.33.50


If you are looking for a polish that hardens your nails and gives it a natural, beautiful colour, give these a try. (Highly recommended )



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