How to achieve your goals and be successful before you are 30

So I just turned 30 and during my 20s I believe  I achieve all my goals, I remember having a list when I was 22 and by the time I was 25 I ticked everything off, from buying a house to getting my dream job and car. So today I am so excited to share my tips and experienced with you and I hope it inspires you to get the goals you have set for yourself. To make it easier I have divided them in to sections so here we go:


  1. Write a list

I think this is the most important part of your journey, writing your goals down is a form of commitment, you automatically committed to tick them off your list . It also allows you to refer to it anytime and adjust them if needed.


  1. Prioritize your goals

Really think about what you want and how much you want it. Let me give an example:Think about your favorite food, after couple of seconds you can even taste it in your mouth, this is how you should think about your goals. Make sure you know what is important to you now and how much you want it.


  1. Be Selfish

Sometimes in life you should be selfish in order to achieve your goal, don’t worry no one will dislike you , the right people in  your life will encourage you to get to where you want to be. If you have to cancel a plan in order to achieve to your goals do it, people will understand.


  1. Be realistic

Make sure your goals are realistic and you can achieve them step by step. You should have realistic timeline and goals in order to achieve them, baby steps.


  1. Be excited

Think how much you want that house, or car or your dream job, be excited for it.

Dream about it, a good way to visualise your goal is to make a mood board, cut out the pictures of that house that you want, the colour of your sofa and bed sheets, really visual it and be excited for it


  1. Surround yourself with positive people

I cannot stress how important this is. Be with positive and supportive people, the ones who want to see you happy and will be there for you, pick your friends wisely.


  1. BELIEVE in yourself

You can do it, if you work hard, stay positive, be consistent you can achieve it, nothing is impossible (even going to Mars), believe that you can make it and you will.


I hope you enjoyed reading these, get out and get your goals.

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Much love

9 thoughts on “How to achieve your goals and be successful before you are 30

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I’m 23 and last year I felt like I was at a dead end in terms of my job and general lifestyle. I felt miserable all the time which started impacting my relationships and the people around me. January I decided to start being selfish, I applied for the job I wanted and now I have a career doing something I love. My mood changed and I set myself goals to reach. That’s part of why I started my blog – I find if I say things out loud they become real and I hope that will push me to achieve my dreams xxx


    1. Hello, that is amazing, you are doing very well,I am very happy for you. You have to be selfish sometimes and focus on your happiness,the right people stay in your life, Just imagine when you are 30, you can turn back and say I DID IT, it is the best feeling. i wish you the best of luck and keep on going.x

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  2. I really think that surrounding yourself with positive people is key. As someone who easily absorbs the energy of others, I found this to be most helpful. I’m only 20, but I think these tips are really helpful!


    1. Hello, I am so glad you found it useful, remember your vibes attracks your tribe, be positive and surround yourself with positive people as they will always be there for you and support you. I wish you all the luck and happiness x

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