3 steps to long and healthy hair 


Hello Beauties,

The less is more, that’s what I always say to my self, using less products but good products will literally transform your hair. I am super excited to share my hair care routine with you as my hair has never felt so healthy and LONG 🙂




NO SULPAHATES and NOURISHING. I love this shampoo, first of all it does not contain sulphate, secondly it washes my hair perfectly without drying my scalp and last but not least smells amazing. I usually wash my hair twice with the shampoo as I have loads of hair, making sure that all the dirt and unwanted oil is out. You can find it here



With Camelina oil this conditioner will transform your hair. I always put a good amount in my hair, massage it and leave it for ten minutes.Conditioning your hair is an important step which you should never ignore, unless you have super oily hair. You can find it here.


3.Heat Protector/ Oil/ Leave in Conditioner



So after washing off my conditioner I towel dry my hair, comb it and leave this magical oil in my hair. Not only will protect it from the heat(and sun) but it conditions my hair, leaving looking smooth without feeling oily or heavy. I have search for so many products yet this is the only one I keep coming back to over and over again You can find it here.


I hope you have enjoyed this and give these products a try, trust me you will not be disappointed.

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