Two things that you need for a flawless skin

Hello my beauties,

Today I have a very exciting post as I am going to share with you two of my favorite products for a flawless skin. We all know how damaging the sun is and also how important it is to hydrate our skin. Since a young age my mother always told me to use a SPF but I could never find a suitable one as I have an oily skin and most SPF cream make my skin super oily.  When  I came across this cream I was so excited,  it is super light and it is factor 50 and more importantly it hydrates my skin. I have been loving this cream since I bought it last year and I cant not stop. You can find it here 


Now let’s talk about moisturizers..I mean why didn’t anyone tell me to use a gel based one years ago! It is perfect for oily and combination skin as it controls oil and will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth, trust me you have to try it. I put this on i the morning and at night and my skin feels super smooth seconds after. you can find it here

I hope you give these products a try and let me know how you if you love them as much as I do .



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